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Coming Up

Nothing planned at the moment - we'll probably have a stall (as usual) at the Bingham Fair in June. Great ideas for other events would be very welcome.


Buy a Brick - we continue to sell “virtual” bricks as part of our building fund efforts. To buy a brick (or several bricks) you can download and print off a form here, or you can complete an online application here (we do not yet have a facility for making online payments). If you are a tax payer and are happy for us to collect Gift Aid on your donation please also complete and sign the Gift Aid declaration on the application form. This will enable us to claim, from the taxman, 25p extra for each £1 donated.

A short-term, but urgent, issue has arisen in the Orion Scout Troop. One of the 2 Leaders has had to temporarily step down for personal/health reasons. We don't know how long he may be gone, but we cannot run the Troop with just one Leader it is unsafe & against the rules of the Scout Association. We can cover this absence for a few weeks by utilising volunteers from elsewhere in the Group, but this means people doing twice as much as they volunteered for - this can't be sustained. If we don't recruit help of some decscription (be it temporary or permanent, Leader or casual helper) the Troop will close after the Mega Moot camp at the beginning of May.

In addition we are as always on the lookout to recruit additional help. We need uniformed leaders in most sections, also less regular helpers and people to assist with recording keeping, administration and finances in some of the sections. We also need to open a third Cub Pack in the summer as the 2 existing ones are almost full and we need to provide capacity for the large numbers of Beavers needing to move up.

Now is a good time to volunteer, you'll not be thrown in at the deep end and there's enough cover in most of the sections be be able to give you lots of help and guidance. Think about volunteering now while we are not desperate but would still be delighted to have you join us.

We also need more volunteers on the Group Executive committee and ocassional help with fundraising. Please get in touch and have a chat.

Perhaps becoming a volunteer for one of these roles would suit you? Don't forget that if a parent volunteers for a full leadership role (and sticks at it for a while) we guarantee a place in the Group for any of their children (they don't necessarily have to be in the same section - ie a parent could volunteer with Cubs or Scouts and their child could join the Beavers).

If you don't fancy helping us maybe you know someone else who might? Volunteers don't have to be parents, just 18 or more. More detailed information on the Recruitment Page.

Good news for Gemini; we have a new Leader to take over from Peter (who recently announced that he would be stepping down). Rob West, previously an Assistant Beaver Leader with Aquila, has volunteered to lead the Pack. He has already started, with Peter helping with a handover, this is great news - thank you Rob.