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Coming Up

The usual stuff at Christmas - Bingham Christmas Fair; Scouts Christmas Post, but if you've some more great ideas for raising money please let us know..


Buy a Brick - we continue to sell “virtual” bricks as part of our building fund efforts. To buy a brick (or several bricks) you can download and print off a form here, or you can complete an online application here (we do not yet have a facility for making online payments). If you are a tax payer and are happy for us to collect Gift Aid on your donation please also complete and sign the Gift Aid declaration on the application form. This will enable us to claim, from the taxman, 25p extra for each £1 donated.

Our biggest issue is in the Lynx Beaver Colony where the husband and wife leadership team are leaving at Christmas; we need to replace these leaders urgently by recruiting more adult volunteers - if we don't then the Colony will close. The only way a Scout Group runs is by recruiting adult volunteers from the local community - if we can't do this we can't carry on, there is no other source of leaders available to us. Looking ahead to next year we will have a similar problem in the Aquila Colony around Easter (or a little after).

In addition to these urgent issues we also have a problem of not enough Cub places. Both of the Packs are now full and with fewer Cubs moving out to Scouts than there are Beavers wanting to move in at the bottom end we have a serious problem. The short-term solution is that places in Cubs will be allocated strictly on a seniority (age) basis. Those Beavers that don't get a place (or don't get a place in their preferred Pack) will have to leave Beavers (at age 8) and go onto a waiting list for Cubs. There will be no opportunity for Beavers to stay in the Colony until a space comes available (this would disadvantage those on the Beaver waiting list). It will also not be possible for Beavers to join one Cub Pack and later transfer to another. Obviously the only sustainable solution is to open a 3rd Cub Pack and the only way to do this is with more volunteers.

Just like the mythical money tree there is also no magic Leader tree! These issues are important and urgent; they affect those already in the Group as well as those who want to join. Closing sections is not something we wish to do, nor do we want to have Beavers waiting for Cub places, but without extra volunteers this WILL happen (and soon).

If you can't volunteer please help us find some people who will - we need YOUR help.

Most of the other sections could do with some help, sometimes ocassional or temporary assistance can make a tremendous difference; have a word with someone who is already involved they will tell you how important and rewarding it can be, and how much fun you can have.

Perhaps becoming a volunteer for one of these roles would suit you? Don't forget that if a parent volunteers for a full leadership role (and sticks at it for a while) we guarantee a place in the Group for any of their children (they don't necessarily have to be in the same section - ie a parent could volunteer with Cubs or Scouts and their child could join the Beavers). But you don't have to be a parent to volunteer.

If you don't fancy helping us maybe you know someone else who might? Volunteers don't have to be parents, just 18 or more. More detailed information on the Recruitment Page.