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We have about 20 adult volunteers (both uniformed members and parent helpers) who run the various sections. Unfortunately, this is rather less than we really need.

Enquiries from parents who want their youngsters to join continue to come in and we can't satisfy all of those requests. The only way forward is to find more adult help and open extra sections where we need them. We also need extra and replacement Leaders in some sections.

We need people who are interested in working with children of any age group, people who would like to help children enjoy interesting activities and develop their life skills. Potential volunteers shouldn’t be put off because they know nothing about tying knots or lighting fires; the young people learn these skills and so can you! All we need are responsible and interested adults who can give up some time – and the amount of time and the level of involvement can be varied to suit.

Volunteers don’t have to be parents of youngsters in the Group – in fact they don’t need to be parents at all, just be over 18. No special skills or experience are needed – training will be provided. If these roles working directly with the young people don’t appeal help is also needed with administration (looking after records, finance etc) or occasional help with particular sessions.

For Leaders and Assistant Leaders:

To understand and accept The Scout Association’s polices, have a satisfactory clearance through the Vetting & Barring scheme, completion of a wood badge (within 3 years), which includes the achievement of the Section Leader specific Modules as detailed in the Adults Personal File and The Scout Association’s Adult Training Scheme.

For Section Assistants:

To understand and accept The Scout Association’s polices, have a satisfactory clearance through the Vetting & Barring scheme, completion of “Getting Started” specific modules as detailed in the Adults Personal File and The Scout Association’s Adult Training Scheme.

Other Matters:

It is no longer a requirement of the Scout Association for members to hold a formal religious belief. Adherents of all religions and beliefs and those with none are equally welcome. We are an equal opportunities organisation in all respects. The only real bar to membership is an adverse criminal records check relating to certain crimes. In addition to the obvious, convictions for fraud and some convictions for violent crimes may make an applicant ineligible, but most minor convictions and most old convictions are not a bar to joining. Motoring offences are generally irrelevant.

In brief – we look to have a minimum of 2 or 3 leaders to run each section, the usual way is to have a leader in charge & one or two assistant leaders (or section assistants) & we try to involve parents on a parent rota too (especialy in Beavers & Cubs). This is not cast in stone, it would be possible for example to have a couple of people share the leader in charge role, or some other arrangement may suit, we are flexible.

The responsibilities are to look after the young people & run a programme of activities based on the Scout Association model. Record keeping (contact etc info about members) & dealing with section funds. Additional commitments are to undertake some modular training (over a period of 3 years), what exactly needs to be done depends on pre-existing knowledge & skills. We take into account any relevant background & other skills & training (maybe from work).

The usual time commitment is the one hour weekly meeting (for Beavers, one and a half hours for Cubs, 2 hours for Scouts) in term time + preparation, planning & set up time. Additionally there would be some events & activities on other evenings & weekends, it is difficult to be precise about this but as an estimate I’d say perhaps once per term with a duration varying between an hour or so, up to most of a weekend for a (probably annual) Beaver sleepover event (more for Cubs/Scouts). As long as these events & activities have suitable numbers of adults supervising them, with at least one leader holding a formal appointment it is not essential that all leaders attend every event. There are also a few meetings to attend (maybe up to 6 per year) – again not all leaders need to attend all of the meetings, as long as the section is represented that is adequate for most of them.

Knowledge & skills required to take on the role – very few!

That is most of it in a nutshell. The remaining information on this page & available on the national Scout website are the rather more formal (& slightly intimidating) detailed information about roles etc. They are made available so that if you want chapter & verse it is there but please don’t let it put you off; the essential thing to remember is that we are flexible & if you can see someway that you can help we will happily ensure that things work for you.

All of the Leaders would be happy to talk through any questions you have, just get in touch.

Beaver Scout Leader

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

Section Assistant

Cub Leader/Assistant Cub Leader

Scout Leader/Asst Scout Leader

Contact the GSL (John Green)


01949 875057 / 07890 403448

Speak to any of the Leaders at their section meeting

See the national Scout website