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Having failed to find new adult volunteers to take on the running of the Lynx Beaver Colony we have had to close it. If new volunteers come foward in the future we will look to reopen it as we need the capacity to cope with the numbers of young people wanting to join.

We continue to be a thriving Scout Group with several sections covering all age groups (6 to 18) but as this shows we struggle to keep recruiting enough adult volunteers to maintain all the sections. The Leader in the Aquila Colony has also indicated that he wishes to move on in the next few months - so this Colony could close too. If we are to keep it open we must find a replacement for him soon.

Our only source of adult volunteers is our local community - that's you! No volunteers, no Scouting, it's that simple. Please think about whether you can help - see the News Page and look at the Recruitment Page for more information.

Chair: Zoe Ashmore

Secretary: Flo Baker

Treasurer: Helen Wells

Members: Elizabeth Markwick, Cathy Bates, Dickie Dawson.

We'd love a few more members on the committee, have a look at the Committees Page or get in touch for a chat.


Supporting Active Scouting

A 17 seat minibus (and trailer) available for hire by Scouts, Guides & other charity, voluntary & community groups.

Fully insured for bona fide non-commercial community

events & activities.


John Green

01949 875057



This year felt like a lot of work for very little return. On our stall at the Christmas Fair (hot chestnuts & homemade cakes) we had fewer cakes donated than usual (a big thank you to those who did donate) and fewer visitors to the stall. The stall at the community Christmas Fair in the church was a complete waste of time and the number of stamps sold for the Scout Christmas Post was well down on last year (again!). Profits on each of these events were (last year in brackets):

Town Christmas Fair  £80.47  (£91.80)

Community Christmas Fair  £3.82  (£10.50)

Christmas Post  £172.55  (£206.40)