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A 17 seat minibus (and trailer) available for hire by Scouts, Guides & other charity, voluntary & community groups.

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John Green

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01949 875057 / 07890 403448

Stall at Bingham Community Christmas Fair (Parish Church) - Sat 25th Nov

Scouts' Christmas Post  1st-19th Dec

Stall at Bingham Christmas Fair Fri 1st Dec

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The current round of the Co-op Local Community Fund comes to an end on 11th November. It's not too late for Co-op members to nominate us to receive 1% of the value of their purchases of Co-op brands in store. If you are a Co-op member please visit the Co-op website and nominate us, if you are not already a Co-op member perhaps you could think about it?

So far we have accrued a little over £700 but over £3800 remains unallocated, please help us to get a large share of this. We plan to use whatever we get to buy new and replacement camping equipment.

Cetus opened on Thursday 7th September at the Archbishop Cranmer School in Aslockton (we couldn't find anywhere suitable in Bingham). It started with 16 members, we are increasing that to 20 after half-term and to 24 (the maximum number) at Christmas.

We have enough names on the waiting list to keep filling all three Colonies as the Beavers move up to Cubs; but we will have some spaces next summer as will by then have placed all of those who are old enough and will have a waiting list full of 4 and 5 year olds. If you have a child who will be 6 between about June and Dec 2018 let us know now and there is a good chance we will be able to provide them with a place on or close to their birthday.

We now need to look towards opening a 3rd Cub Pack as our projections estimate we will need about 70 Cub places by next summer (2018) and in 2 Packs we can only provide 60 places. This is now our number one priority; we need to provide somewhere for all the Beavers we have to move on to.

To help with this we'd love to hear from potential adult volunteers, for the Cubs especially, but also for Beavers and Scouts, please get in touch for a chat. Have a look also at our recruitment page where there is a lot of useful information.